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Enrolling at Metro

Year-Round Continuous Enrollment

  • We are a highly academic continuation school with teacher directed, mastery based instruction. Our specialty is helping students who are behind in credits, who will not graduate from the traditional high school, and as a result will become dropouts. It is a win-win situation with the students receiving special help and attention, which usually results in their earning a high school diploma.
  • Our students travel from all over the city, and we provide bus passes for their transportation.
  • The referral process starts with your coming to the attendance office to take a reading test and then requires a call from a person at the school where you are attending. Eighteen-year-olds will need to bring a copy of their transcripts when they come to take the reading test.
  • We are looking forward to providing you with an excellent education as you earn your regular high school diploma.

Students are expected to consider school to be their job, to conduct themselves in a professional manner, to always have the required school supplies with them, to have excellent attendance, to be on time regularly, to make steady academic progress in all classes, and to act like mature young adults.

Metropolitan High School Rules
Rules are strictly and consistently enforced

  • No alcohol or drugs within 100 yards of the campus
  • No leaving campus before dismissal time without written permission from the office
  • No graffiti
  • No fighting
  • No food or beverages eaten in the classroom during class time – No sunflower seeds
  • No music playing devices, earphones, or other electronic devices out of backpacks in classroom or offices
  • No hats, caps, scarves, or head coverings worn on campus
  • No visible earrings worn other than in ears or a flat, small one in the nose
  • No inappropriate clothing (sagging, low cut tops, see through, backless, bare midriff, slippers, pajamas, etc.) – No visible tattoos, bandanas, or hair nets, no shorts
  • No gang (tagging crew, party crew, set) attire, claiming, high signing, intimidating, activity
  • No profanity
  • No confrontations with teachers
  • No cheating
  • No gum chewing or spitting
  • No gambling, loitering, smoking
  • No weapons or items that can cause injury
  • No cell phones (must check into office upon arrival)
  • No defiance