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Vision and Mission


Vision and Mission

We will work as a team staff, students, parents and community, to prepare each child for the 21st Century believing our students will become successful through the collaborative efforts of all.

We believe that all students are capable of learning and can be motivated to learn.

We believe that all students should have the opportunity to learn to be responsible, make good decisions and take control of their lives.

We believe that our expectation of students will assist them in setting high educational and career goals while our academic program, which is based on current research and practice, should prepare them to succeed in attaining these skills by mastering the state and district standards.

We believe that students need to learn good communication, cooperation, collaboration, and problem solving skills in all classes.

We believe that we can provide a safe and nurturing environment and can assist students in changing attitudes, values, ideas, habits, behaviors, and levels of thinking to better ensure their success in the work world and the larger society in general.

We believe that each teacher should have definite goals that are aligned with state and district standards for what they want students to learn and should design rewarding, relevant, and enjoyable lessons to assist students in achieving these academic goals within district policies.

We believe that all of the above will result in improved student academic performance as evidenced by local school, district, and state assessment instruments.

We believe in the importance of addressing the cultural and linguistic needs, of our school population because our strength is in our unity as well as in our diversity.